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Posted on Jun 3, 2011 in Cress Williams, Emmeline Hattenbarger, Featured Story, Jaime King, Rachel Bilson, Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel

Hart of Dixie Moves From Wilmington to LA

Hart of Dixie Moves From Wilmington to LA

Hart of Dixie Poster

Courtesy of The CW

Hart of Dixie filmed their Pilot in Wilmington, North Carolina and there were plans to continue filming in the city but they have changed their plans to film around the Los Angeles area.

Other shows like ABC’s Revenge also filmed their Pilot there and will also return to LA to film.

Another CW favorite show, One Tree Hill, is going to continue filming their final season in Wilmington.

Rumors are speculating that Bilson had wanted to remain close to family and friends in LA: not move to North Carolina to film. Whether this is true or not, we are still excited to see how this show pans out and we love Bilson for being such a considerate individual.

Thank you to @pacey52 for bringing the article to our attention!

  • anne

    I Love Scott Porter but I kind of hope the show fails. I heard the so-called considerate actress wasn’t so considerate to wilmington. Refusing to film in wilmington. Part of the appeal of the clips of the show are the locations. There’s a reason like oth and Dawson’s creek lasted so long, the location became a character. I hope Rachel has a back-up plan.

    • Nick

      Funny how every1 is talking about how it sucks that they are moving the filming from Alabama to Cali . All these pictures and filming was done in Louisiana !!! This amazing background alley of a plantation home is Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana . I am a southern Louisiana native and u can’t fake these settings I don’t care how good Cali is . It’s just funny to me that they call it NC and AL when it’s Louisiana ! I guess it’s because Louisiana holds the true southern beauty that they r always looking for . No matter what happens this background picture will be the staple of this show and it’s not in any of the settings stated at all ! If u don’t believe that take ur beloved True Blood into consideration …..

      • Rachel

        Definitely not Louisiana. My family owned the old plantation home that is featured as the Mayor’s home. Its called Tannahill. I grew up there.

      • Amanda

        Actually, the Plantation seen in the show is a clip of the Bragg Mitchell Mansion in Mobile. It may be filmed in Nc, but I think they are using actual buildings and pictures in the show. Look up the Bragg-Mitchell and you will see!

        • Anonymous

          i live in mobile and though it looks like the Bragg it is not but soe of the pics are

          • Jessica

            I lived in Wilmington, blue house is downtown. Plantation, from the pic, looks like Orton

          • Anonymous

            I agree it’s not the Bragg mitchel or any other house in mobile.

      • GBoyce

        AAAGH. The scenery in Hart of Dixie makes me practically drool — the small town, the river scene, the houses, bars, and GUMBO COOKOFF. I wanna go there! I have friends in Wilmington and it don’t look like that that I can figure. Where in Louisiana do you think filming took place??? And, is it really like it’s shown?

        • lg

          It looks like greenfield lake they filmed around for the swamp areas and the gazebo i think cause it looks similar

        • Anonymous

          That is exactly like it is here in Mobile. You have the “city” in mobile and the out skirts like dauphin island and daphne you have the smaller town feel. It really is a beautiful place and I have to say I love the fact I can drive 20 minutes and see old plantation homes or I can drive 40 minutes and be at the beach.

      • ALLI

        No one from California calls it Cali… lol

  • Paul Lucero

    Funny how they’ll move from Wilmington to L.A., but there Poster is the cast outside Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, LA., with the tax credits in Louisiana and Louisiana now the 3RD most filmed in state in the country, you’d think they’d give Louisiana a shot.

    • Gary Dauphin

      Yes, sadly the CW made no effort to contact us to use our image, to shoot here, or even credit us for being the beautiful mansion in the promos. We would love for them to shoot some shows here!

  • Hart of Dixie TV Staff

    Everyone please give the show a shot before dismissing it for moving their production back to Los Angeles. Warner Bros. has a lot of standing sets and themes on their lot. Many of the costs incurred from setting up a presence in another state can be saved.

    While its unfortunate we won’t get to view a true, authentic view of the South there is plenty of stand in and places in California that do resemble the South for the few minutes or seconds we view them in the background before moving on the characters and the story. Many southern set shows have filmed in California, the most recent example being FX’s Justified.

    Remember, we’re probably watching for the characters, story, and actors over filming location.

    • jeffery_yoder

      What about the South’s humidity? You can’t repalce that with stellar LA weather huh..LOL

    • SECbred

      You can NEVER EVER get the same feel of The South in Cali. Are you guys crazy? Typical Hollywood.

      • ray

        sorry but being a southerner myself and growing up in the south, going to school out west and visiting all parts of california, i can positively say, there is nothing similar to what the south holds. in no way, does california or even parts resemble the south. sorry charlie.

        • kim

          Being born and raised here in Wilmington and being a “true southerner” you can’t get that in California!

  • Tanya

    I hate to see the filming location moved back to LA but totally understand why. I know that the pilot preview I saw said that she is going to “Bluebell, Alabama”. I am an Alabama native and was very excited at the thoughts of possible filming in our beloved state. To my dismay, you didn’t. However, I am all for moving it to any location that keeps the show going. Cute Idea and hope that it lasts a long time. Maybe in future episodes you could possibly give some positive points about our state and show a few places there, especially in the southern most points. Maybe a good picture would overshadow the history of Katrina. Good Luck to you all and maybe it will be the most fun you ever had filming.

  • J-9

    Looks like it’s gonna be great. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

    Hope it’s a huge success for the CW!


  • exec60

    Does the word ‘budget’ mean anything to those of you who wish for on location shooting? Tax treatment in Alabama doesn’t work for the show which is why N.C. was selected. Use your imagination, give the show rave reviews, and maybe CW will increase the show’s budget. Then Leila Gerstein can hire more writers, shoot more on location, hire more permanent cast members, etc.

    I heard a rumor that Jeremy Adelman of Motive TV in NYC is moving to LA to do the music for the show. What a coup for H.O.D!

  • Gina Aldrich

    Wow. I sure wish filming was in Alabama. It’s a truly beautiful state. I love the show though! It is awesome. I am a born and bred Bama girl and I am truly enjoying this first episode.

  • Chistian.

    First off, saving money by moving to LA? They’re spending money on a fake props when they can have the real thing in Wilmington. I don’t understand that at all. Los Angeles? It doesn’t give you that genuine “southern” feel. One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek were succesful for so long because they didn’t move production from one place to another after one show. If this show stays on for more than 2 years I’ll be surprised. I’m not saying it’s not a good show, it just seems that now that you’re moving to another state, how are you going to recreate the southern scenes?

    The cast is excellent, the writing is terrible. Let’s see how long this will last.

  • Fred O.

    Cute,funny and heart warming, I do wish the filming of the program was in the “Heart Of Dixie”. As a older viewer i enjoyed it and will keep watching, and I will watch out for the Gator !

  • BJ Wascom

    Well Bless Their Hearts! Not filming in my two most beloved states, Louisiana, my home state, and Alabama, my adopted state! Come on Ya’ll, LA? Really? Oak Alley is without doubt one of the MOST beautiful places on the planet, but Alabama also has beautiful places that would be great backdrops for the show. BTW tax breaks have been put into place in Alabama for Film Production Companies who wish to film here, just ask the Alabama Film Commission.

  • Pam

    Why not film in Alabama? Sure those folks in Fairhope, Bayou Le Batre, Dauphin Island etc. would love to help with the show.

  • Annie

    I’m shocked that more episodes of this disaster were ordered. The South is a quirky, bizarre, hilarious place and this show misses the mark at every turn. Why are the Southern characters dressing in period costumes from the 50s???? Dr. Hart’s character is so overly condescending and naive that it’s impossible to root for her, so she comes off as just, condescending.

  • Jennifer

    Where was the Covered Bridge filmed? Looks like The Honey Run Bridge in Chico, Ca.

    • JENNY

      I am just starting to watch this show on Netflix. I was wondering the same thing and paused it to google it. The portrait I just saw sure looks like the Honey Run Bridge here in Chico Ca

  • Jan

    The plantation is neither the one in Louisiana or the one in Mobile. It is the Orton House at the Orton Plantation outside of Wilmington, NC. If you looked at a still shot of the house in the show and compare it to pictures of the houses, you can see that it is obvious that it is the Orton Plantation house. I’m from Alabama and would love to say it was a house from my great state, but it is not.

  • Jan

    Ok, update on the plantation house. The Orton House is in the pilot episode and it looks like the Bragg-Mitchell Plantation house in the 2nd episode.

  • Marie

    Anyone dismissng Wilmington (NC) has never been there. It is a beautiful city full of history and beautiful old buildings. I lived here for a long time and still have family & friends there. A lot of shows film in this area but do not use it by name in the program credits. For the lengthy list check out – credits tab. The best one to see the city highlighted was Domestic Disturbance (John Travolta)
    As to ‘Hart”, I’m an old southern lady & I love the show. I love the complete ‘southerness’ of it, complete with accents, outfits and food. If the vote were mine the show would have stayed and sent Bison ‘home’ to LA, replacing her with a believeable actress. She cute and an adequate actress but completely mismatched in this part. Sadly as much as I love everything else about the show she is so hard to watch that it’s a struggle.

    • Jessica

      hear hear, but I’ll watch a few more episodes, see if it’s catchy at all

  • CM

    I wonder what city was the inspiration for “Bluebell?” With the talk of Mobile being so close and then a mention of Wade playing HS football against “Daphne High”…I’m thinking Fairhope. They should do some shots of the real Fairhope to use even if not filming there…it’s the most scenic city in all of AL.

    • Andi

      Agreed on the Fairhope thing. Even the school colors I. The homecoming episode this week were the same as Fairhope’s.

  • Lilly

    OK, I’m convinced it’s Fairhope. The pirate on tonights episode was the pirate
    from Fairhope High School.

  • Amanda

    Too bad they are no longer filming in Wilmington, NC. I live close to there so it would have been cool. But I still love the show! And Rachel!

  • Nicole

    i 100% agree with anyone saying it shouldve stayed in Wilmington, it is the best town ever I am from Canada and have been there the last two summers, yes cause of One Tree Hill, but also because the town itself is beautiful! I think it would be more successful as well in a town that creates the feel rather then just back drops. I love Racehl and wish she wouldve seen the town for what it is worth. Lots of actors have made the move and been successful with doing so. I love this show and will watch it regardless, just wish it was in my favoritw town EVER WILMINGTON NC!!!

  • kolaveri mp3 download

    I MISS BALLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    What a shame this show will become another fake backdrop. They should have stayed in North Carolina.

    • Linda

      Actually, the Eastern Shore of Alabama is a lovely place.  I think they should have filmed there. 

  • AmyAust

    I don’t care where it’s filmed but all I know is that it is the same place Gilmore Girls was filmed and I love love both shows!!

  • Jessica

    Seriously, this is a really nice and fun show! I tear up every show, it’s well written – it all comes together nicely; I’m liking the characters more and more, and I love that blue house, have since I lived it town, it’s nice seeing it again and again. The writing is insightful and wise, I appreciate and enjoy the characters voicing their introspections…stating the root of the “what’s going on”, naming the drama. Kudos, it’s nice seeing it on the screen. This country is totally lacking emotional intelligence and personal responsibility, it’s nice someone’s putting a language out there, a mini emotional revolution in palatable form. Cheers!

  • betty

    I agree that Fairhope would be the perfect place to film this show.

  • Marvin Adkins

    Anywhere in the south, even LA as long as “L.A.” really means “Lower Alabama”. “Hicks” from Los Angeles keep trying to misrepresent what the South is really all about. My wife and I are enjoying the show, but would really prefer when they do the real thing, not something FAKE. There is far too much FAKE, coming out of Hollywood already. Hollywood is NOT the REAL America.

  • Claire Danielle Carter

    I wish they were staying in Wilmington because my daughter of 4 years old and myself are huge fans. I would love to have been a extra on the show.

  • Webvixen Lisa

    Since I like the show, I would like to make a few comments so that maybe the “powers that be” will see how to improve the show to keep it off the chopping block.
    1. Hire someone from the South to “authenticate” the show.
    South Alabama is NOT TIDE COUNTRY, regardless of the water.
    2. While I am not a racist by any means, a small town in south Alabama would not elect an African American mayor, even IF he had played on all 13ish, fictional championship teams. Tuscaloosa would in a heartbeat. Some old geezer would be 4th generation “elected” mayor.
    3. The writers are not FROM the South, and I doubt have ever been to the south. NC is NOT THE SOUTH.
    4. The series Grimm is successful because its filmed on location it’s authentic, it’s genuine…

    PS. I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as fast as I could.

    • MzPDX

      I live in Portland, love Grimm for that reason. Had brunch where they filmed an episode and got the low- down on the cast, ie Nick is super short, Juliette has had too much plastic surgery, lol. We are always seeing clips of star sightings around town, but then everyone under 35 is FLOCKING to Portland, so of course the cast would love it…close flight to LA or Canada( bitsy and the duke are canadian. Maybe nick too). The South is a different matter. We are in the South now and CULTURE SHOCK…my teen wants to live here because everyone is NICE!! Humidity be damned…Nice trumps humidity and Starbucks after 20 years…

    • Jenn

      DO NOT SAY NC IS NOT THE SOUTH!!!!! Last I checked, just because it has North in the name does not mean it is anywhere close to being above the Mason Dixon. Have you ever been to NC that wasn’t Charlotte or Raleigh? Wilmington may not be “Bluebell” but it is a nice town. Before you decide to say things about a state in general, check it out. Anyone within an hour and a half of the whole western side of the state would have to disagree with you on this.

      • Nancy

        Re-Check your geography. Better yet, buy a map. North Carolina is WAY below The Mason Dixon Line.