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Posted on Dec 5, 2011 in Discussion

Fan Discussion – Your Thoughts on the First Half of Season One

Fan Discussion – Your Thoughts on the First Half of Season One

We want to know your detailed thoughts about the first half of the premiere season of Hart of Dixie! Here are some things you could discuss!

  • General Thoughts – Direction of the show, what you worked for you, what didn’t.
  • Character Growth – Compare the characters from start to finish. How they changed or how they didn’t.
  • Storylines – Which ones where your favorite? What character has the most promising storyline? What didn’t you like about someones story?
  • Relationships – Lemon/Levon, Lemon/George, George/Zoe, Zoe/Wade. Which ones do you support the most? Least favorites and favorites? General comments.
  • Speculation – What do you think is going to happen when Dixie returns in the spring?
  • Favorite episode, character, moments, quotes…
  • What did you dislike the most?
  • What do you want to see when the show returns?
Hit up our comments with the most detailed answered or even really short ones! We want to hear your opinions about it all.
Check back soon and we will have our answers to each of these questions.
  • Mike W

    Like the direction of the show, one small casting issue. Not sure about Meredith Monroe while a great talent, as the daughter of Lemon. I mean she’s not old enough really.

    •!/ShyHustler Alan

      Wait, what? I realize I’m only watching the last half of tonight’s episode (lousy “Two and a Half Men”), but Lemon has a kid played by Meredith Monroe? Why isn’t she on IMDB as being in this episode? I know she has a SISTER played by Claudia Lee, but a daughter?

    • Angela

      My general thoughts on the direction of the show is quite favorable. Thanks Hart of Dixie for embracing women and men of color actors/actresses. It’s rare to see a variety of wonderful cast members, shine like stars in film and television these days. As far as character growth, I love Zoe’s progression from stranger to Bluebell citizen. It was nice to see Zoe defend her fellow neighbors when Gigi criticized them for their lack of fashion taste.
      I hope Zoe and Wade start a relationship because both seem to inspire each other to take risk and have a little fun. I hope Lavon and Lemon follow their hearts; it’s not right to be with someone if you’re not in love with them. Dr. Breeland is practicing bad medicine for not compromising with Zoe. If he had any respect for her father, he would at least work with her on patient counts.

  • Karen

    I love hart of Dixie! I am not sure who I want Zoe with, but I love the story line and all the characters! Would like to see the mayor and lemon together!

    • Terry

      Me too! And Zoe and George together!

      • kelli

        no no no zoe and wade together

        • Ayanna

          I agree 100% that Zoe and wade need to be together!

  • Terry

    I love Hart of Dixie and look forward to watching it every Monday. My favorite characters are Zoe, George, Wade and Levon. I can’t stand Lemon and her nose stuck up high in the air. I love watching flirtation between Zoe and George and Wade, but wish that she would just kiss one of them already. The season is moving slow with that and slow with Dr. Breeland fully liking Zoe. I’d like for the season to pick up a little bit come the end of January.

  • Karen

    Lemon and Meredith are sisters, nOt mother and daughter, I believe!

  • kelli

    i absolutely love Hart of Dixie! its the only show i make time to watch. i dont get the channel that it comes on but i make it a point to watch it online. i hope this isnt one of those shows that randomly disappear off the air. if people havent watched it they should because they will definately be hooked. i hope it comes back for many more seasons and gets even better.

  • Stevie Lynn

    Rain check?! Hell ya you can get a rain check!!.. I love Wade, I don’t know how someone wouldn’t!!..

  • Ginger

    I absolutely love this show! I wouldn’t change a thing. All of the characters are great and I have enjoyed every episode. This is my new favorite show!

  • LouAnne

    What I would like to see is Wade and Zoe together. Just give the under dog a chance he might surprise you. I love Levon , but it’s time for him to moves on from Lemon; she does not deserve his attention. As for George him and Lemon deserved each other in a way of history and the committed they have made to each other. What I would like to see in the spring is a new character for Levon making him have a real love interest in someone other than Lemon. I would like to see Zoe and Wade get together and see another side of Wade we have not seen. Also for Zoe more patients trusting her to be a doctor in the practice.

    • LouAnne

      Favorite character is Wade and Zoe

    • Very Yang

      Nono, the Levon + Lemon storyline hasn’t been maxed out yet, it hasn’t even been half-ed out yet! Although in real life, Levon might need a new love interest, I think we can get a little more out of the LL storyline – something outside of Lemon being torn and Levon trying to walk away. The flashback tonight was great, it showed us a little more about their relationship. Would love to see more than just confusion out of Lemon.

      Don’t know whether to be Team Wade or Team George, both are looking pretty awesome right now. I say explore them both! (And get another season out of it!)

      1. George will find out Lemon had a thing (we don’t even know what really happened) with Levon.
      2. George will think of Zoe while he and Lemon cool it, since he feels “chemistry” there anyways,
      3. There may or may not be a Team George situation thrown into the storyline
      4. But Lemon and George get together in the end,
      5. Thus creating a Team Wade situation and a new love interest for Levon!!

  • Krystal

    I LOVE this show! It better NOT get cancelled like so many others these days. The season is running a little slow with the whole Zoe, George and Wade thing. George needs to figure what the heck he is doing and do it. Wade needs to come clean with Zoe and stop beating around the bush! And Zoe really needs a boyfriend or she is going to be a spinster! Lol. As for Ms Lemon, her and the mayor are driving me crazy! She has obviously cheated on George and her being the way she is well she won’t be able to live with herself if she marry’s George. I’m two thumbs up to the mayor with finally telling Lemon No and closing the door on her. She is gut-less but I still love her. As for her father I don’t like him but that’s his role right now. I also think the mom who walks out on her family and never comes back, to find out she has a new family is a disgrace. I hope that comes into the next season!:D LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!

  •!/ShyHustler Alan

    General – I think the show is very cute and makes you feel warm and funny afterwards. As a straight (but admittedly beta) male, I am not embarrassed to admit I watch it.

    Character Growth – I like that Zoey is getting used to living in hicksville, and I like that Lemon isn’t just a bad guy. I like how the young people in Bluebell take to Zoe, and would like to see more of that. I like all of the supporting people, and want to see more of the girl who looks up to her, the secretary, and the Asian waitress at the bar. I like Lavon and wish he’d get with Lemon so the lawyer dude could get with Zoey (I wish you did more with Lemon’s younger sis too)

    Storylines – I get why you’re trying to get Zoey with the big, dumb, hick, but I buy that as a fling at best, and I’m notorious for liking “unlikely couple” stories. You can take the girl out of NY, but you’ll rarely take NY out of the girl (I’ve lived that, and “Green Acres” “proved” it). I think Lemon and Lavon are the “unlikely couple” I like more. My fave ep was the one with the float because of the young girl and how the big, dumb hick helped her. I also like the one where she guided Lemon’s dad through surgery (but you really need a better medical consultant).

    Relationships – I hope Zoey spends more time in Mobil, like she would in real life, and meets a dude there while you try to decide what you want to do with the lawyer guy. Only relationship I hate is Zoey and the hick as anything more with friends. I like him pining for her, I could live with them trying it out, but again, not feeling that relationship. It’s a fling, to me, at best. (But I could be wrong – look at Terry McMillan’s life. And it’s not like my own track record with women is great)

    Speculation – What do you think is going to happen when Dixie returns in the spring? I hope the ratings improve.

    So in conclusion: more use of the side characters, more trips to Mobil, Zoey with the lawyer guy, and no big, dumb hick.

    I Think That Covers It

  • Candice

    I LOVE the show. I used to think I wasn’t a Rachel Bilson fan, but after the first 5 minutes I was hooked. I haven’t been disappointed in any episode. Great job, keep them coming!

  • Jackie

    I’m Addicted! I would love to see wade an zoe together i like how his role has turned out. Secretly the sweet/bad boy.

  • Kim

    Great show!!! Love the directions it’s going in. I can’t decide if I want Zoey to endup with George or Wade. Those sweet looks Wade keeps giving her are breaking my heart.

  • Courtney

    Oh my god. I love this show. I feel like the main characters so far as dead-on with the roles they’re playing. My only complaint is how long it is taking for everyone to truly like Zoe, granted I am aware it IS the first season, and as most amazing shows, the leading role can be drawn out to set you up for brilliance in the end. I felt the same way as Terry a couple episodes ago, with Brick taking so long to like Zoe, and despite the way he still treats her, the hints are becoming much more stronger & clearer that he’s coming around to liking her. I think he just doesn’t want to admit it.

    I like the idea of Lavon & Lemon AND Zoe & Wade, and as much as I don’t want to see George single (because I reaaaally love him!), I really want to see the development of those two couples. I want George to find someone who’s more on his level and calm just like he is. I just feel like Zoe & Wade are around each other so much, it’s kind of meant to be. I’m fairly certain Zoe & George will have their “time”, but I just have a feeling they’ll end up with best friend status.

    • Courtney

      Oh, and IF Lemon & Lavon do not end up together, I’d like to see Levon move on with another interest. Seeing Lemon get jealous and annoyed before the wedding would be hilarious and bring in a huge dramatic filter in the show. ;)

  • Nikki

    This is my new favorite show. I love zoe’s character, how she refuses to be liked for something she’s not. She isn’t going to suck up to the folks in bluebell just so they like her. I wasn’t sure at first, but I think I’d like to see her and wade end up together. The story line stays interesting. There isn’t anything I would change!

  • Sarah

    It was great tonight! The only thing I would have asked for would be more Zade scenes. But I was loving the scenes with George and Wade… they have what looks like is a good ol’ genuine friendship. I feel bad for George now because I’m totally shipping Lavon/Lemon now. Hard.

    I have always shipped Zoe/Wade. Now we just need someone for George who is good for him. I don’t see how he would ever be good with Zoe… He says that he flirts with her because he reminds him of the city? That makes no sense to me. Watching the chemistry between Lavon/Lemon and then the George/Lemon scene at the end was just boring after that.

    It is nice how Rose and Zoe always seem to be having the same problems. Now the only thing we need is someone chasing after Rose too.

    Please January 23rd. Get here quick.

  • Terra

    I’m so obsessed with this show… I literally dread when it’s over b/c I have a wait a whole week for a new episode!

    • Katie

      me too! Now it’s almost two months! horrible!

  • Ashley

    Best show on TV right now!
    More than the medical and Bluebell drama, I’m hooked on the romances! Love how Wade’s character has developed and the suspense between him and Zoe is killing me!
    Ideally, going forward I would love to see the relationships heat up! Preferably Wade and Zoe… Love the thought of George and Wade fighting over Zoe. What I like less? Cheesy Bluebell antics and Lemon being so artificial.
    All in all, great show! Can’t wait until January. Keep it coming

  • Michelle

    I absolutely love the show, and I just wish Wade would tell Zoe how he feels alreay. They would be cute together! I think Lemon and Lavone shouldn’t be together though cause if she really loved him she would already be with him.

  • Nicki

    I really have enjoyed this show! It is wholesome with a bit of sauciness. I hope it stays on!

  • Leo

    my favourite characters are definitely Zoe, Wade and Lemon. I think Lemon could become one of the characters with the most promising storyline. She is funny, because she is such a weirdo but at the same time something about her just makes me love her, especially the moments where she stops being so in control.
    i also like the chemistry between Zoe/Wade, i think they should get together.

  • Cynnie

    It’s the best show on TV right now.
    I’m totally shipping Wade & Zoe, i want more Zade scenes!

  • Lisa

    I love this show!! I really have been needing/wanting a show to take the place of Gilmore girls. Finally have one :). I watch a wide variety of shows but this show is like comfort food for me. Keep up the good work and stick around for many seasons please.

  • Mary

    I really love the feeling of the show, you’ve captured some of the nice parts about living in a small southern town. Sometimes things seems to become a little over the top southern, like Lemons dresses, interests and her accent. I think that’s fine as long as you let the show have a comedic side to it, but it becomes a little too unrealistic when you try to make it into a drama.
    As for the relationships, Zoe and George might look good on paper, but I think they have zero chemistry. I would love to see more of her and Wade though, but not in a happy relationship. I see them hooking up again and maybe try to date but I would love for them to continue to have a love/hate relationship.

    I also think there’s more to explore when it comes to Lemon and Lavon, I would like to know more what happened the year before and more scenes with them connecting, like they did while judging the turtle race. They are a far more interesting couple than her and George.
    I would also like there to maybe be a few more scandals, things are going a little too well for everybody. It is a tv show after all.

    I also like to see more of Zoe’s comedic and demanding sides, I think Rachel Bilson does those scenes way better than when she has to be too serious. And please don’t let the show become too moral, we don’t need another One Tree Hill!
    Other than that, I think it’s a great and unique show and I really hope people keep watching so we get more seasons.

  • wheelin

    I have enjoyed this Hart of Dixie very much. It has a feel to it different than other shows. You rarely find a show,is as I call it,a feel good show. It’s a drama w/o being shoot ‘em up bang bang.