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Posted on Feb 8, 2012 in Casting, Featured Story, Spoilers

Spoiler Roundup!

Spoiler Roundup!

Wilson Bethel talks Hart of Dixie with E’s Kristin Dos Santos where he tells her “I will say in my heart of hearts, I feel like you’re going to have one more bona fide Wade and Zoe makeout before the season is over. That is how I feel.” We certainly won’t mind one bit Wade. In case it’s not obvious, Bethel is on Team Wade (as are many of the fans).

Bethel also gives a little more to Michael Ausiello:

Question: You have anything on Hart of Dixie? I would love to see Zoe get together with Wade! —Muriel
Ausiello: So apparently would Wilson Bethel (a.k.a. Wade), who tells TVLine, “My sincere hope is that by the end of the season there will be something in store for the Zoe/Wade fans. In the meantime, Wade’s gonna have some personal growth. With Zoe he has to step his game up — but that doesn’t mean that he loses his Wadeness!” Bethel also confirms that Wade will get a new love interest that “will drive Zoe crazy.”

Did you hear American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is heading to Hart of Dixie? It’s true. He’ll be playing himself and will sing “The Trouble With Girls,” during a “pivotal scene between Zoe and George.” on April 23rd.

Speaking of April 23rd, that’s the same day Justin Hartley will begin his guest arc playing a love interest for Zoe. Hartley will play Jesse, a war hero and charming southern man who takes an interest in Zoe.