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Posted on Feb 9, 2012 in About, Featured Story

Dixie Diagnosis – Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms

Dixie Diagnosis – Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms

What did you think of Wade’s denial of liking Zoe?

Kate: If there was an appropriate emoticon to display my annoyance, it would probably look like this -_-. I am disappointed in this show for that scene. If you want to keep them together, do better Dixie. I know you can.

Nick: It felt unnecessary, to be honest. It almost invalidates last week’s episode. Wade could have said no without being mean about it.

Judson? Does anyone even care that he’s gone?

Nick: He had oodles of chemistry with that goat.

Kate: I’ll miss that beautiful ass smile of his. Mmm mmm mmm. Goodbye pretty face.

Favorite part of the episode?

Kate: Zoe walking into the party all hot mess and stuff. Twigs in her hair. Made me laugh, that’s for sure. Also, I like when Lavon always refers to himself in third person… “I’m Lavon Hayes…”

Nick: Zoe and Wade continually pranking each other. I loved all of it.

Didi finding Lavon’s photo of Lemon.

Kate: Now this is how you write a plot Dixie writers! Such a simple way to create a MAJOR complication. The whole town is about to find out Lemon likes her some dark chocolate. I am looking forward to this big time. Good call, good call.

Nick: I think it’s about time someone else found out about Lemon and Lavon. I’m in.

  • Amelle Kyre

    My favorite part was Joelle chasing Wade with the guitar and flowers
    I love Wade but it was halarious!!