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Posted on Feb 12, 2012 in Featured Story, Ratings

Ratings Worries

Ratings Worries

We’ve been getting a few tweets lately asking if Dixie has been cancelled.

That is untrue. What is true, however, is Dixie’s ratings aren’t as strong as they were in the fall (as you can see in our table). The CW as a whole, isn’t in the best of ratings shape this season, and everything but The Vampire Diaries aren’t at the levels they should be, and a low tide brings all the ships down. The CW’s target demographic are women, and we haven’t seen those numbers posted for episodes in a very long time. But, there are still things that we, as fans, can do!

1. Watch the show live whenever possible. You should only DVR it (don’t skip the commercials), watch online (on sites like Hulu or the CW where they can monitor hits), or purchase on iTunes/Amazon if watching the show live isn’t an option.

2. Tweet, Facebook, Word of Mouth, all help. If everyone collectively would like to come up with a weekly hashtag to try to trend on Twitter, let us know ahead of time, and we’ll help pass along the word.

3. Most importantly, don’t panic and there is no need to do so! It’s far too early to tell anything, just enjoy the show!

We will keep you updated on its renewal status!

  • zak_rishabh

    Agree the ratings are down but it happens with a show having 22 episodes in a season. The middle episodes like 11 12 13 always suffer in ratings but what matters is how strong do a serial finishes. I do hope writers know about it and have prepared a classy for the end. Just keep faith because the show isn’t going to be cancelled

  • Eve

    i hate one thing that fans of HOD can’t watch series on hulu or cw,because they don’t allowed to do instead of that we watch it on XXXXXXX
    but they don’t count ratings on it.

    Please do not post links to pirated content. -Staff

  • Kay

    Don’t understand why only “live” ratings count. Haven’t watched a live episode in soooo long of anything. This goes for many people I know as well. The only reason to watch live anymore is if you have to vote like on American Idol. Hope they keep Hart of Dixie!

  • rypleigh

    I love HOD, but I am very frustrated with CW. How can they expect a show to have a following when they don’t play new episodes back to back? I understand that during March madness things will get postponed, but they still played new episodes of other shows during that time, but not HOD, they took off 4 weeks. I think people tend to lose interest in shows when this happens. I hope this show is not cancelled and will continue to watch.

  • Brandy

    Call cw hotline at 1_818_977_2500, email at with feedback tab, write cw networkat 11800 Wilshire BLVD Las Angeles Ca 90025, go to Eonline save one show through April 15 for round one and vote for HOD

  • Megan

    I have absolutely fallen in love with this show…a little late! I missed it all during the fall, and the times I tried to watch it I felt it was a little silly. However, it now seems to have hit its’ stride and found its’ “Hart”…This is now my favorite show and I will be hart-broken if it isn’t renewed!!!

  • http://BELLSOUTH.NET hartfan

    I LOVE this show…..this is one of the best shows on tv…..soooooo tried of reality shows. Can’t wait until next season. Come on CW….let’s keep it going.

  • CherryBlossom

    I love this show, but I’m not always home to watch it live so I’m left with no choice but to DVR it. I do understand there is an APP that I can download to my phone or IPad, but I’m not sure if that would count as watching it live either. I really would hate to see this show cancelled. I have never been a big TV or Movie fan for that matter, but when CW Premiered HOD I fell in love with it. I of course love the South, so this show has been a really big hit with me.