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Posted on Feb 23, 2012 in Featured Story, Spoilers

Spoiler Roundup

Spoiler Roundup

Thought I would do a little roundup of some scoop that I’ve been hearing on “Hart of Dixie.” Some of it you may have already heard and some of it may be new (new to me, anyway). Shall we get started?

– HHmm, I have to wonder if this is an attempt to show Zoe that he’s a changed man – our darling Wade may be opening a bar of his very own up in Bluebell.

– Justin Hartley (Smallville) is showing up as a potential gentleman caller for Zoe.

– Those Zade shippers may want to close their eyes for this one: an upcoming episode has Zoe and George spending some alone time together – they even pretend to be newlyweds.

– Scotty McCreery (American Idol) is coming in to sing and George will be joining him. Who knew George could sing?

– And, this is old news, but Gary Cole (Office Space) will be playing Zoe’s father in an upcoming episode. Anyone else hoping that he gets to say ‘TPS reports’ somewhere in his appearance? I know I do.

  • Lynn

    Great show watch every week and am looking forward to this coming Monday and can only hope that this show will be renewed for next year so keep them coming and of course I still think Lemon and the Mayor will get together once again

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I really hope it gets renewed!!! Let’s pray it does.

  • cheryl

    This show is addictive, i cant wait to see Zoe s dad! And poor wade deserves a chance i think hes better than evenhe knows. Just look at crazy earl!!!!