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Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Discussion, Featured Story

Let’s play “Predictions!”

Let’s play “Predictions!”

So, “Hart of Dixie” is still up on that bubble: not knowing if it is canceled or renewed. Having just read “The Secret” (ok, I actually rented the movie at the library), I have decided that, of course “Hart of Dixie” has been renewed! And I shall continue the rest of my day with that belief. Although, it certainly can’t hurt if all of us…um, Dixie-ers (is that even a word?) were to sign the petition pushing The CW for a renewal. You’ll find it here:

But since we have such a while before the next episode, I thought I would ask everyone where they saw the rest of this season was going. Will Zoe leave for New York at the end of the season? Do you think Lemon and George will get married? Will Lemon and Lavon’s secret come out? Will Zoe change her surname to Zoe Wilkes and would they have to change the name of the show to “Wilkes of Dixie?” Will we like Zoe’s father (again, fervently hoping for some utterance of ‘TPS reports’) and forgive him for his awful treatment of Zoe? What’s going on with Wade and will he be able to win Zoe’s heart? Will Rose ever get the attention of Frederick? Will Dash DeWitt’s hot topic of a blog on the Bluebell social scene ever be a real site?

Post your predictions below!

  • amy

    My prediction well my hope I should say that Wade and Zoe end up together and george and lemon get married! I hope they bring back the show!

  • Brooklyn!

    I think Zoe and George will end up together! They seem pretty perfect! I hope Lemon and Lavon get back together! I bet Zoe will end up staying in Bluebell I do think she would love going back to New York though.. I Love love LOVE this show!

  • Janell

    I’m guessing the finale will be George and Lemon’s wedding and either Lemon won’t be able to go through with it because she still realizes she loves Lavon or George will find out about the two of them and call it all off. As for Zoe obviously she will stay in Blue Bell the show wouldn’t be the same if it was set in NY. I don’t think Zoe and Wade will get together this season that would be too soon so it needs to be renewed so we can continue to see how everything plays out. I love this show…I’ve even got my whole family watching it now.

  • Amelle Kyre

    If .Zoe will have to decide between going to the interview it whatever to get the fellowship, or help someone. She will decide to help and has to wait another year to try and get it,

    Hopefully Lemon and Lavon will finally be together at the end

  • E

    1. Wade and Zoe together! 2. Zoe will keep her name as Hart, Wilkes of Dixie would be stupid name 3.Lemon and George dont get married

    oh, and i will die if Hart of Dixie is canceled! Please dont do it to us!

    • Anonymous

      I agree! I dont have a Twitter account so I can not sign the petition. I am sad about that :-(

  • Me

    I think Lavon needs to move on in this show. He needs to make up with Didi. He has been the sucker for wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too long. Lemon needs to talk with her mom and Brick needs to get over himself. However Zoe does need to go to New York every now and then. Lemon also needs to stop hating Zoe shes here to stay and she needs to move on with the wedding.

  • India

    Wade and Zoey better be together!!! I really hope zoey doesn’t go to new york.

  • Inn

    Zoey and wade better be together..I hope it doesn’t get canceled!!

  • Nadi

    I hope George and Zoey end up together. They have great chemistry. Wade should end up with his ex-wife, and lemon and Lavone should be together. George has a great personality and Lemon is quite selfish and mean, just don’t see her with George forever. She seems to be a better person with Lavone.
    I really hope they don’t cancel the show I think it is great!

  • Linda

    Here is my own made up prediction of what will happen on season 2

    Zoey will finally have her turn for Love. Wade and George are both bound and determined to win her heart. Who will she choose? 
      Wade is proving himself to be a real catch. He finally opens up his own bar, replaces the electric box and is committing himself to a more mature and respectable nature. Which you will see through the episodes; like for ie; after his father’s death…. Wade suddenly becomes clear as to what he wants and decides then and there to change his life. (not just to win Zoey but for his own self worth). He takes on a whole sleuth of challenges and seems to be succeeding in all he manifests.   (Zoey is seeing wade in a whole new light, in fact the whole town is seeing it.  Heck… Lemon sees it too!. Those two girls just keep getting in each other’s way!) and George is getting jealous! Deep down we will never know if George will ever be completely over Lemon… but, He has falling in love with Zoey Hart and he feels his destiny is with her…..(for now)

        As for Lemon… Well, Her mama returns back to Bluebell to shake some Breeland family drama. And Just when Brick meets what looks like the “perfect woman”  (George’s father’s cousin… She is beautiful!!!). But Feelings run deep with Brick, and all those years waiting for his wife’s return can’t be erased…. What to do, what to do?  

    Remember the child that Lemon saw with her mother the time she went to go spy on her?… Well that child really belongs to the man that was there in the front yard. He is also a married man that left his wife to be with Lemon’s mother. what a scandal! But Lemon’s mama, being as fickle as she is and emotionally tormented of the life she abandoned,  wasn’t satisfied.   Unannounced And unexpected And on a important Bluebell holiday And with the whole town together celebrating in the Bluebell tradition in the town square.  Lemon’s mama shows up! interrupting the entire event and shocking the life out of  the Breeland family…  Lemon’s mama… Well….  she is done with acting and she wants her family and Bluebell back… (Who the heck does she think she is strolling back into town and on an important holiday no less?) Well, well well… Lemon’s mama is as charming as Vivian Leigh, so you better watch out! Because You’re going to Hate her and Love her…. all at the same time! 

    As for Lemon and Levon,  somehow and through it all…  they miraculously end up marrying (a truly romantic wedding) and the couple move into the house that Lemon had always dreamed of owning.   But the fairy tale doesn’t end well for them… Lots in store for those two! Life doesn’t seem to stay the same for Lavon. He may go back into a football career or a certain person from his past just may show up and stir trouble.. Lemon’s life is anything but conventional. Who should she call… For a divorce????

    naturally Zoey moves into the Majors plantation home “temporarily of course” until she figures out what she wants in life.. She is also proving to Bluebell that she truly is an amazing doctor just like “both” her fathers. But her personal life is a mess and an open book and the people of Bluebell likes to judge.

    Wade “the new glory boy in town” is getting a lot of attention and respect from the people. He is becoming a person of importance in Bluebell.  Why He just may end up being Bluebell’s Major! If George doesn’t get in his way! 

    George…. The whole town of Bluebell loves George.. He is Bluebell’s MOTY and an important pillar in the community.  But George isn’t perfect and right now he is a little frustrated and jealous of Wade’s success and the hold that he has on Zoey. He is struggling to keep his pillar-“ness” in tack.  But with Georges Emotions running rapid  mixed with his highly competitive nature. We may see the “Hyde” come out. . He is a lawyer you know!  

    Who will Zoey end up with???? Season 3….. Zoey’s wedding! 

  • Tori

    I think Wade and Zoe should be together, and Lavon and Lemon should go back to one another. George and Zoe’s relationship doesn’t seem as right as Wade, and Zoe’s, besides seeing Wade and Zoe would be way more interesting since they’re polar opposites of each other, and besides we’ve all seen someone leave they’re fiance for someone who’s pledged they’re love to them, but it would be even better to see that person break they’re promise and leave them for someone else. Now as for Lemon and Lavon we all know that they still have feelings for one another so why not embrase them, besides we all know now how much they love each other and how much fun they had when they were together so why don’t they just go back to the days when they were happy, I mean George is out of the picture now so what better thing to do.

  • Tori

    Oh ya and we all know that since Zoe decided to stay the show would most likely stay on. She said she’s decided to stay for good, and they gave a huge cliff hanger so we would come back for more so obviously the choice is clear, they will be giving us fans another season, let’s hope this net season goes as well or better then this one so it can be a steady show.

  • Tori

    Sorry didn’t mean net forgot the x in next