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Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in About, Discussion, Featured Story, Synopsis, Video

What Did You Think About “Destiny and Denial?”

What Did You Think About “Destiny and Denial?”

So, “Destiny and Denial” dealt with the aftermath of last episode’s confession and Wade got to run around in his very own storyline of “The Hangover.”

Poor Wade, waking up to find someone using his shower and a “large garment” that clearly did not belong to him. He panicked, not knowing who was in the shower or what had happened the night before. While it was fun watching Wade scramble about to see what he had gotten himself into the night before, I felt that this story was just to give Wade something to do. We find out he’s allergic to pumpkins, birch beer, and rabbits which somehow leads him to his ex-wife, Tanzy (is that short for something? Tanzania? What?). While one of the things I enjoy about “Hart of Dixie” is that nothing really bad happens here and it does show life’s little frivolities, I hoped to see more about Wade. Perhaps I should just enjoy the story and not look for more, as are we not here to be entertained? Although I enjoyed Wade’s disclosure to his ex-wife that he was saving up to own a bar. After their talk of destiny, I became fearful that Wade would decide to name his bar “Destiny” as that name makes me imagine a circa 1986 cougar bar. But fortunately that did not happen.

Tom even got a storyline and I must say I appreciated his shirtless shot. Was it just me, but for some reason, I thought Tom was in high school. He’s 23? Well, knock me over with a feather, but sure, I’ll go with it. His singing with Wanda was quite impressive and I am thinking we may be seeing a more mature Tom for now on? They better keep him on as we need his comic relief that he often provides!

Lemon, Lemon, Lemon. What are we going to do with you? Although, her logic that no one knows because no one called her was sound, I think. But her denial that the wedding was off was heartbreaking. She just knew that George would forgive her and she was going to use every arsenal she had: whether it be kissing him on stage or baking his favorite cake. My heart actually broke for her when Brick showed up to tell her that he knew (courtesy of Magnolia) and she actually confessed that she cheated on George.

In light of this recent disclosure that everyone lied to him, George decided to take those lemons and make lemonade. He decided he was going to be happy and our first view of him is him striding through the town square and messing around with balloons. We even got a twinkling smile from him. (Which reminded me of Tony Curtis in “The Great Race” – if you haven’t seen it, see it.) He decided that he would remain friends with Zoe, that there wasn’t an iota chance of his wedding to Lemon being put back on, he got a motorcycle, and took off to New Orleans to a jazz bar that he had always wanted to go into (but that darn Lemon wanted to go to the opera instead!). Zoe diagnoses him with denial and makes it her mission to make George confront his sadness right now.

How funny was it when Zoe went in to consult with Brick and he thought she was talking about him? I enjoyed watching him sputter. I also enjoyed his take on “Modern Major-General Song” but I digress.

So, George takes off for New Orleans and calls Zoe to join him. As much as I want these two crazy kids together, I wanted to pull Zoe back and say “rebound!” Alas, I don’t think she would’ve listened but at least she remembered Lavon’s words that George did not pick her. Sage advice, Lavon, sage advice. Zoe runs off to New Orleans. As a New Orleanian, I am always amazed when people on TV can find parking, walk in stilettos the cobblestone streets and broken up sidewalks that is the French Quarter, and parties in the cleanest bar I have ever seen – and that is exactly what Zoe does. Who does she find entertaining the masses? But George, singing “Jambalaya.” Zoe and George present themselves as newlyweds and some smooching occurs. As much a I want to see these two crazy kids together, I knew this wasn’t right for Zoe or George. They decide to check into a hotel room and I will admit, I gasped. Already? Aren’t they forcing this relationship much too quickly? But then, George hears a song that was to play at his wedding and he breaks down. Zoe sees this and they return to Bluebell.

Just as Lemon admits that the wedding is off, George shows up to confront her. We see a teary eyed George demanding to know how she could do this to him. I was very scared as I thought he would kiss her, but it didn’t happen.

Anyone else looking forward to “The Race & Relationship” episode next week? Looks like Zoe and Wade get teamed up for another one of Bluebell’s crazy town events. What’s going to happen with Lemon and George? Will the wedding still be on? I have heard there is is a wedding still coming and multiple wedding dresses – what could that mean? And is it possible that it is not George and Lemon’s wedding?