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Posted on May 8, 2012 in Discussion, Featured Story, Previews, Spoilers

“The Big Day” Preview

“The Big Day” Preview

Alas, next Monday is the season finale of “Hart of Dixie.” Looks like a lot is happening in this episode: a big storm (to make disaster-preparedness captain Tom proud); Zoe saying George still has feelings for her AND a possible hook up with Wade; shirtlessness; Lemon determined to get married; George yelling that something (what?) is a mistake; and a really big wedding cake.

As a recent convert to Team Wade, I am excited to see some possible smooching. As a former Team George member, I did experience a slight thrill at the prospect that George will not marry Lemon. I have heard that Zoe is in a wedding dress in this episode too – at the same time as Lemon, so either George is having a dream sequence or Zoe is doing something really crazy. I am opting for dream sequence.

Think the wedding is going to happen? Do you think Zoe will jump in and yell “I object!” as she is seen practicing below? What is George calling a mistake? What is up with that really tacky paper heart with a photo of George and Lemon?

Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping to see in the season finale!

  • Niki

    I’m a total Team Wade fan also, I think they will challange eachother and it would be good for them both….. But George marrying Lemon after everyhting she’s done just makes me ill a lil…. Can’t wait to see what happens either way!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    I think its a Nik thing. I to love Team Wade. I think they make each other boil with every emotion. So want a second season.

    • Niki

      Haha, it must be a Nik thing….. So excited for Season 2 and to see what happens with Zade. The chemistry and passion with them was ridiculous, lol. I really hope she doesnt go back to George and crush poor Wade’s heart again, his character is so much more appealing as the sweetheart instead of the womanizer!