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Posted on May 14, 2012 in Featured Story, Spoilers

Season One Finale Reactions

Season One Finale Reactions

We’re sure you can’t wait to talk about tonight’s season finale. Chat amongst yourselves and have fun in the comments!

Do everyone who hasn’t watched the episode it would probably be best you stay clear of this page until you’ve watched the episode.

  • Niki

    Yay! I’m so excited for season 2, I hope she stays with Wade

    • Courtney

      I second that!

      • Anonymous

        i third that

        • casey

          I fourth that

          • sabina

            I fifth that :D

    • Jamie

      i sixth that!

    • nandeette

      I seventh that

  • Caitlin

    Ah finally Zoe and Wade! But now what… Who will she pick? I sorta want Wade to get the girl this time. George played with her heart!

  • Nadia

    I am utterly speechless!! Completely excited to see how the next season plays out.

  • http://360 Nancy

    Holy crape. Lemon punched George in the eye. Now Zoe gets Wade … and George. Love the finale. Although from reading tweets a few folks wanted to punch both guys and Zoe too. Love Zoe/Wade together.

    • Caitlin

      At one point I wanted to slap Zoe when I thought she was shutting Wade down again. But she redeemed herself!

  • Candy

    I really want her with George!!!!

    • casey


    • Julz

      No. Zoe and George are boring. Wade no 1 for Zoe. Open her up so she is not uptight and take risky fun

  • LaRae

    Love how it unfolded– can’t wait for season 2! Team George!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope she picks wade but the finale was great!! Cant wait for next season anyone know when that is yet loo!

    • Niki

      I heard September….

  • Tamires

    Única parte que realmente gostei (afora as confusões para o casamento): Zoe e Wade, fantástico! Até Georde, idiota, chegar…¬¬

  • Mirela

    OMG!!! They are going to play the same game next season. This season it was who will George pick. Next will be who will Zoe pick. I love Wade, but this not going anywhere. A waste of our time.

  • Team Wade

    Loved, loved, loved how sweet And hopeful Wade was in the end. He and Zoe are definitely my favorite! Can’t wIt to see how this unfolds!

    • Niki

      I agree!! He was so cute & romantic, I’m so glad they finally gave him something else to work with other than mindless sex with bimbos to distract him from how he really felt. The chemistry between them in the barn, etc was crazy too. Its gonna be a fun sophmore season to watch in the fall!

  • Rebecca

    I’m from Australia and don’t see the finale for another 3 weeks!! Please fill me in?!?! Did Lemon and George get married?? I must know everything!!! Someone give me a run down :)

    • http://360 Nancy

      No! Tidbit – LaVon runs around town trying to stop the wedding. And Lemon punches …

      • monica

        Team wade all the wayy!

  • Star

    I’m trilled that Zoe & Wade finally hooked up. They seem to make a much better couple than Lemon & George. At least Wade doesn’t play with Zoe’s heart. It’s nice to see Zoe give love a chance and stop lusting after George. Even though I prefer Zoe & Wade together, I expect to witness Zoe trap in a love triangle. Looking forward to season 2. Boy did I appreciate (Wilson Bethel) Wade’s shirtless scenes.

    • http://360 Nancy

      I think the fact that Wade took off his shirt was lost on the goat and Zoe. “I don’t think the goat is impressed with your six-pack abs.” Well damn I was. So glad they added that just for ne. Not to mention I love the doorway scene when Wade comes over. But it cold have been a bit more smokin’. And who gas sex and jumps up to answer the damn door?

  • Jgsewell

    I am so team wade I just hope George doesnt ruin it. I want Zoe and wade together. Plus wade is way much hotter than George!!

    • Niki

      Wouldn’t it be funny if Lemon ended up with Lavon and George was hung out to dry? I think his character is an ok person and I don’t hate him, but after messing with Zoe for so long, it would be ironic.

  • niki

    After wanting her to get with Wade for a while, she finally does and now George wants to be with her! Craziness! Loved the finale! Can’t wait for next season :)

  • Amanda

    Team George!!

  • Carla

    Keeping my fingers crossed that she picks Wade… I mean why wouldn’t she!! She’s so freaking HOT!! I can’t wait till the next season starts ^_^ love this show!!

    • Carla

      Lol I meant he’s hot!!!

  • kimberly

    Sadly i am team George… I don’t know why nobody wants him and Zoe together :(

    • Niki

      Awwww, Kimberly. I’m Team Wade but I see the allure of her and George together. Maybe its just the underdog effect? And all those shirtless scenes for Wade, lol!

    • lauren

      Because he is extremely boring, and they simply have no chemistry not to mention he doesn’t even really love Zoe, not fully.

  • Zoe

    Biggest problem with wade and zoe is how wade approached that night. He basically said they should just sleep together and get it over with. Doesn’t fess up to any real feelings he has for her. This will be his biggest downfall now that george is a free man. George will be looking for a relationship and zoe will be torn but think wade wants nothing more.

  • nandeette

    Team Wade

  • monica

    team wade all the way. Wade is so much more interesting and sexyerr! With gorge i feel like it will just be boring and we will always have to worry about lemon, and George not loving Zoe with all his heart but wade does!!

  • http://BELLSOUTH.NET hartfan

    I am torn between Wade and George with her. Now let’s look at it, George has been with Lemon for 15 years, so it’s going to be hard to let go of this even though he knows deep down his has fell for Zoe. He felt guilty until he found out about Lemon and Levon. But, when he was standing out in the rain, saying, why didn’t anybody tell me she is staying? That’s when it hit him on how he really feels. So let’s give him some credit. I think George is a great guy. Then there is Wade, he knows he has fell for her, but scared to let go of his feelings. Can’t wait until next season. I think Zoe is going to be totally confused and will have feelings for both, and let’s not forget about Lemon, she is going to be out for blood. She also needs to deal with her ture feelings for Lavon. Also, I was glad to see Mary Page Keller on the show, great actress, I think there was a spark for the Doc and her, hope so. Anyway, can’t wait until next season…..I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    • Yary

      I kinda hoped Wade man up and say what he really feels but he also hold back. He said that it was just sexual frustration so obviously in next season Zoe its gonna go with George.. :( no liki!!

    • lauren

      George is just going through the commitment fears that go with marriage , he already left her for two years to leave for New York because of this commitment fear. He doesn’t really love Zoe, he even said himself only part of him loves her. He’s a douche,

      • http://360 Nancy

        What a truly great point. No one mentioned this before. Fear makes people do crazy things.
        Georgr looked so lost standing in the rain with Lavon.

  • 1kathryn

    Team Wade!!!!