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Posted on May 14, 2012 in About, Discussion, Featured Story, Spoilers

The Big Day Review – Season Finale

The Big Day Review – Season Finale

Oh my, my, my – that was quite the intense episode. If you haven’t watched it yet, STOP READING, as we are going to discuss the episode, the twist, and the ‘Finally!’ moment.

So, we have George dreaming that he is marrying Lemon, Zoe, and Lavon. My, Alabama has become quite the progressive state for that to happen but no, it is all a dream and a nice insight into the mind of George Tucker. It makes sense. He’s never confronted Lavon on why he would hook up with Lemon and never tell him. How could he not want to know why? Again, my complaint on television characters never being curious enough – I would be all over the ‘why?’ factor with Lavon and Lemon. So, marrying Lemon would be pulling Lavon (symbolically) into their marriage. And, we have George’s developing feelings towards Zoe. All in all, a quandary for Mr. Tucker on his wedding day!

But good ole George is determined to make a go of it. Now, Bluebell being what it is: a quintessential cute little town – we have Lemon and George’s wedding taking place in the town square. We have flowers from South America; swans; a huge cake; and that tacky heart shaped pictured of George and Lemon when Tom clambers for Lavon’s attention with urgent news: his knee hurts. Ah, the ole trick-knee symptom that signifies a storm is coming. I am quite surprised it wasn’t a war injury or Old Mrs. (Insert Colorful Sounding Southern Name Here)’s elbow. Lavon takes it seriously and goes off to warn George.

George, meanwhile, gets a visit from Zoe and discovers she’s not leaving for New York City after all. This has quite the impact for him and will change the course of his day, entirely. Zoe, thrilled with George’s reaction that she is staying, is convinced that she should object at George and Lemon’s wedding. At that part when the preacher asks if there is anyone who knows a reason why they shouldn’t be married to come forward or forever hold their peace, Zoe would exclaim, “I object!” Now, in all seriousness, have you ever been in a wedding where they had that said? I’ve been to many and I have yet to hear the preacher/rabbi/priest/internet minister say that. But, this is the world of TV and we enjoy these dramatic moments, don’t we? Lavon convinces Zoe to leave town and she is banned from returning until after the wedding has taken place.

Zoe decides she wants Wade to hang out with her. She wants them to be friends again and Wade is not buying it. He has absolutely no interest in being her friend and Zoe goes off to Mobile by herself.

Lemon is preparing for her day. She has a pimple on her chin and she declares that she is just ruined! Her friends rally and Lemon proceeds to have a day all about her. Although, I think every day in Bluebell is a day all about Lemon, but today is her wedding day and she has worked months for it to be perfect. When it starts to storm, her friends try to distract her from noticing but she does and takes it as a sign from God that she is not to have a perfect marriage. “It’s just the weather,” Annabeth says. And just like that, Lemon is back.

Meanwhile, George is doing everything in his power to make this the perfect wedding for Lemon. He moves the wedding from the town square to the old firehouse. The entire town shows up to clean the old firehouse and repositions all the wedding decorations. George is frantic with trying to make decisions on everything. With the leaks and the roof caving in, Lavon talks to George about postponing the wedding. This is where George has a slight break down and says that if he doesn’t marry Lemon right then, he never will. Ah-ha!

Zoe, hearing about the storm, goes to find Wade to pick him up and take him back to the house. He protests at first but when she starts to rap (?) on how she’s just going to stare at him, he gives in and gets into the car. She starts to take him back to Mobile but with this torrential downpour, Wade convinces her to stop the car and they take shelter in a barn…with goats.

And we get to the part that all of us were holding their breaths on: Zoe confronts Wade about him liking her. He denies it, storms out of the barn, only to come back in a drenched shirt that clung to him. (There’s a goat sub-plot here that I am just going to skip so that we can get to the good part.) He proceeds to tell Dr. Hart that there is something between them but he is sure that it is only because she is the only woman in town he hadn’t slept with…yet. He even tells Zoe that the best way to get over Golden Boy (George) is to sleep with him. Just as Zoe and Wade start to kiss, a Bluebell police officer interrupts them to say that he can take them back to town so that they can make it to the Breeland-Tucker wedding!

The officer drops Wade off at his place and insists on driving Zoe to her place. The officer clearly did not see the heated exchanges going on in the backseat. Lucky for us, we did. I thought the writers were pulling another frustrating moment on us by letting us think Wade and Zoe were getting together and then dropping it. AH! But no, this is a season (that’s right, not series as it was renewed!) finale and the writers gave us what we wanted: Zoe purposely blowing a fuse so that Wade would come over. And come over he did. We got our selves a Rated PG sex scene between our beloved Wade and Zoe.

Oh, but that’s not it. George comes to realize that he loves Zoe. Really? Already? Anyway….George goes to Lemon and tells her that he tried. He really, really tried but he can’t do it. He can’t marry her; not when a part of his heart belongs to Zoe. That’s when Lemon punches him in the face. I have to say, I did enjoy that part.

The wedding is off.

Zoe and Wade are enjoying their intimate moments when there is a knock at Zoe’s door. Wade begs her to ignore but she doesn’t. Who is standing there? A wet George Tucker who announces to Zoe that he has called off his wedding and that they need to have a long talk. He kisses her and then walks off. Zoe is stunned at this. She closes the door and walks back to her bedroom where Wade is sprawled out – waiting for her.

And there we have it: the first season finale for Hart of Dixie. What did you think? Is it what you expected? Are you thrilled? Happy? Zade shippers, what are your feelings? And you George/Zoe (Goe? Zeorge?) shippers, are you happy? And how about Lavon and Lemon – you think those crazy kids will get back together? What was your favorite part? And can you wait until Fall for season two?

  • Fareeda B

    I am all for ZADE here! Their chemistry is undeniable throughout the season. George and Zoe are cute and all, but who are we kidding? They’re not as interesting. Sorry Lemon, you can have golden boy back.

    The kisses between ZADE, their PG sex scene, I just sighed in happiness. They’re just so REAL with eachother its hard to think the writers will want to tear them apart, but they will, or else there will never be a season 2. Zoe needs to realize whats in her heart. George is just something you can’t have, like a dog biscuit the puppy just can’t seem to reach. You want real feelings? WADE IS REAL.

    Sigh! Season 2 is just going to mess everything up all over again!

    p.s. I kinda miss Didi! anyone else?

  • http://360 Nancy

    Now that AnnaBeth is available and likes the same guys as Lemon & Zoe I csn totally see the second season turning up the triangles. And Wade’s ex comes back only to date Lavon. It is fun to guess what is next with these characters. This was my favorite new series and I am so excited it was renewed. Thank you to the CW Network.

  • http://360 Nancy

    And seriously Wade’s shoulders were so cut. I barely looked at his six-pack abs. Just kidding.

    Thank you to Wilson for his efforts to pleeeease his audience.

    • Ashley

      Seconded!! Seriously, that man could not have looked any better in this episode.

      • http://facebook Donna

        Il third that!! omg its like he is made out of marble!! Im team wade all the way he totally has my backing, omg when he took off his shirt to hold the barbed wire, and when he was in the car with zoe…..and when he knocked on her door and the “SCENE” ha ha he should deffo be nomitated for sexiest male award!!! Although my heart panged for george when he was standing in the rain with lavon when he said “why didnt anyone tell me she was stayin?” awwww…. BUT im still team WADE!!!! im gonna go and watch the finale again, awwwwww!!! :)

  • Ashley

    Good review. I’m rooting for Zoe/Wade, and this finale was a dream until the end! All of their scenes were so hot and they had so much chemistry, and not only that but there’s something more brewing between them and it has been for a while. Zoe knows it too, you could tell by the look on her face at the end. Even earlier in the season when Zoe tried to get Wade to admit he liked her you could tell Zoe was disappointed when he didn’t admit to it. Wade has been there for Zoe more than anyone since she got to town, even Zoe realizes that and acknowledge that in this episode. And although they don’t have much in common, relationships don’t need to. You need friendship, trust, support, and love, and Zoe/Wade could have all of that. And wow, I knew they had a lot of chemistry before tonight, but their scenes tonight just blew me away! Especially the one in the barn when Wade was cleaning Zoe’s cut, in the cab and all those looks and innuendo, and then finally THE scene when Zoe blew the power out and Wade just came over with that sexy look and grabbed her. Very happy with all their scenes. George has no clue what he wants really. He says it’s Zoe now but who really knows. An episode ago he chose Lemon and he was with her for 15 years, you don’t get over that so quickly. I think Z/G built a fantasy in their heads and they wouldn’t be all they think, while Zoe and Wade would be sooo much more.

  • Anonymous

    I love George! I so want George and Zoe together. He’s the perfect guy.

  • clarisse

    I really enjoyed this episode. I totally fall in love with Zade during the 4th episode. Even so i have to admet that George is a really good guy and that is cute I think that Wade is way funnier and in his own way a sweet-heart. Moreover Wade isn’t perfect but niether is she ! I mean Geoge is THE PERFECT guy but Wade is the right one for her.

  • Geonkc

    Thank you CW for bringing this series back…I have thoroughly enjoyed the comedy, romance, suspense and characaters! WOW! Looking forward to the FALL

  • Kitts63

    zoe et wade have the chemistry, like reese witherspoons character and josh on sweet home alabama! you can always continue good chemistry drama from realationships. George et Lemon they do belong together! hopefully zoe will pregnant with wades baby next season lol!

  • Txstar211

    Man I hope that wade and Zoe stay together. He needs to get the girl.

  • Cathy

    Thank you for keeping this show on CW.. It’s is one of my very favorite shows of all times!  I love it!!!