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Posted on Jul 12, 2012 in Featured Story, Spoilers

Spoilers: Lemon’s New Job, Zoe’s New Troubles, and Triangles

Spoilers: Lemon’s New Job, Zoe’s New Troubles, and Triangles

The TV Addict recently answered this question for Jane, and we have to say things are sounding pretty fun for Bluebell!

Any word on what’s in store for the denizens of Bluebell following last season’s very eventful HART OF DIXIE finale? — Jane

The TV Addict: Suffice it to say, the aftershocks of George and Lemon failing to make it down the aisle will still be felt when HART OF DIXIE kicks off its second season this Fall. First and foremost, in typical Lemon fashion, the former bride-to-be will take her relationship implosion as a sign that it’s time for her to grow up, move out of her father Brick’s house and get her first ever paying job at of all places theRammer Jammer! And speaking of Bluebell’s most infamous watering hole, expect Wade to waste little time in making his intentions with Zoe clear, who sadly, it would appear, will be forced to go back to square one now that all of her progress in terms of assimilating herself into the tight-knit town have been for naught following her presumed role as “home-wrecker” in the destruction of George and Lemon’s happily ever after.


  • Txstar211

    would like to see Zoe stay with wade, he’s an all around good guy who needs to 
    get the girl.

  • paul

    does anyone know who played fred in the heat wave episode, his character was fred but its not the fredrick they brought in for rose and magnolia, this fred had sores on his back in this show,thanks,twitter me about it at kedopaul Paul seguin

  • Robert

    I look forward to watching the second season of Hart of Dixie. And as for Dr. Hart. It wasn’t her intentions to break up Lemon and George. It was George that decided to end his relationship with Lemon.

    • HeartsGirl

      I agree with you 100%. George ended it because he knows Lemon is not the right woman for him. I’m hoping he and Zoe get together. They definitely seem to have chemistry between them.