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Posted on Aug 7, 2012 in Casting, Featured Story, Previews, Spoilers

Some Bits of Tid on Season Two

Some Bits of Tid on Season Two

Some information has been coming off of the Hart of Dixie set and it certainly sounds like it is going to be a fun season. The following is spoiler-ish, so continue at your own risk!

First, we have Lemon trying to pick up a man at a bar (read that as: Rammer Jammer, more than likely) and competing against Ruby (actress Golden Brooks) for his attention. Apparently, it doesn’t work out the way we expect. What do we expect? I know I expect any man in BlueBell to stay as far away as possible from Lemon.

A writer is going to come to do a feature story on Zoe. I am not sure what to make of this except that maybe Zoe makes a mess of the interview.

Laura Bell Bundy has been cast to play Shelby, a women after George’s heart. So, what does this mean for Zoe and George?

October is just so far away to go without any Hart of Dixie!

UPDATE: And it looks like a third man is being introduced as a love interest for Dr. Hart. Ruby’s cousin, Zach is coming to town and taking our lovely doctor out on a date. So, what does this mean for Wade and George? Instead of a love triangle, is it a love square?

  • Joanna

    OH pleeease No Zoe & George!!!

  • Hennie

    5 months break? it`s insane! It`s not suprising that series loose viewers when they have breakes that lasts decades! It`s just idiotic.