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Posted on Nov 24, 2013 in About, Discussion, Featured Story, Previews

“Miracles” Preview

“Miracles” Preview

So, let’s recap the mid-season finale from what we just saw in the clip above.

Shelby’s pregnant? Is Brick the father?

A kiss between Wade and Zoe? What just happened? And what about Joel!?

  • ann seivers

    just watched Miracles but am disappointed this show will not be picked up for another season unless the writers start giving the fans what they want and that is for Joel and Lynley to depart Bluebell completely They are so awful they grate on my teeth It would be better to bring back Peter for Lemon he has so much charisma at least that might make the show a little bit interesting to watch while now as Dash would say soooooo boring.after watching season 2 I was so excited to have season 3 be picked up by CW
    now I don’t think so. Who wants to see Wade with That wilkes girl Ugh

  • Ursula

    I am so upset with the writers of Hart of Dixie. The show is going down-it is now moving to Fridays in January. Joel and Lindley need to leave the show and Zoe and Wade need to be back together again fast. The show was great when it was Zoe and Wade. The sexual tension and, the clever dialogue between the two of them was cleaver and enjoyable. Since the “cheating” episode it has been one slapstick episode after another. I just don’t understand why the writers have turned their backs on their fans. How much more proof do they need that the show needs to take a one eighty before it is off the air for good.

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  • leni

    i think that the show just isn’t interesting anymore with joel in it because he isn’t a cool character and doesn’t look good. i want that zoe and wade can have another shot together ! i want joel gone for good ! and i think i am not the only one who thinks that the series got very bad since zoe returned from new york with joel !