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Code of Conduct

We created Hart of Dixie TV to foster discussion and provide a place where fans of the show can come and communicate and discuss with each other. Although we’re decently laid back we do ask you to follow a few simple rules when commenting. Remember, by posting here you agree to these rules.

Keep your posts PG and on topic.

Keep in mind that Hart of Dixie spans all age groups. We ask that you keep foul language out of your posts. We also ask that you keep your discussions and comments within the context of the post. Going off topic derails discussion, and if you continue to do so we will have no problems banning you.

Keep the caps to a minimum.

A few caps here and there are no problem for emphasis. However, if your entire post is in caps that just makes things hard to read and you come off as abrasive. Therefore, keep it to a minimum.

Keep the personal lives of the cast and crew to a minimum.

As much as we all love gossip, it doesn’t foster good discussion if you’re worried about who’s dating who. You can talk about things they do in association with Hart of Dixie: Interviews, Tweets from the set, etc, but again their personal lives are off limits. Offenders will be given a warning, and banned if their behavior doesn’t change.

Absolutely no posts that flame, troll, or bully another user.

Users who come here only to intentionally grief and bully fellow users on this site will be given a single warning and banned if it continues. If you’re coming here to purposely bring down and bully other users it would be better if you leave now. That kind of behavior will not be tolerated.