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Dr. Zoe Hart

Michael Tackett/The CW

Zoe graduates at the top of her class from medical school and begins her residency program with her boyfriend. Unfortunately for Zoe, her boyfriend breaks up with her and she is passed over for a cardiothoracic fellowship because she lacks bedside manner with her patients. Treating her patients more like puzzles that are to be solved than human beings. Her advisor suggests she practice medicine as a general practitioner to better connect with her patients to improve her odds of being accepted into the cardiothoracic fellowship next year.

Thankfully for Zoe, Harley Wilkes a local doctor in Bluebell, AL, invites her to join him at his practice. With no other options left Zoe makes the move.

During season one Zoe is the least popular person in Bluebell, is the reason for the end of Lemon and George’s wedding, and even manages to make a few friends along the way!

Enter season two – Zoe is with Wade Kinsella, earning the respect of Bluebell inhabitants, and even getting along with the Breeland family.