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Kate Brooks

Kate Brooks

Kate Brooks as told by Nick:

Kate and I made a pact to write each other’s bios. Well, actually, she just told me and I agreed. This is basically how our relationship works.

Kate has the unique ability to be open and honest with you about all facets of her life and your own. She does it with a warmth and kindness lost on most people, even if she might not agree.

As an aspiring writer Kate knows characters: how they tick, what their goals might be, and when writers of shows veer off the road. Her favorite parts of writing are relationships and how characters interact with each other. She is all about couples and the journeys they take together.

Here are a few words I would use to describe her:

  • Funny
  • Sarcastic
  • Bitchy
  • Sweet
  • Shipper

Kate also loves to post things quickly while I like to take my time. You’ll often see posts on here that look like her writing and throughout the day slowly morph to my style. ┬áDon’t worry, it’s just me editing her, it’ll happen a lot.

Some of Kate’s favorite shows are: Revenge, Arrow, Happy Endings, New Girl, Elementary, Nikita, Chuck (Seasons 1-3), Being Human (US), Suits, Parks and Recreation, The Mindy Project, and Once Upon A Time.

You can find her here:


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